To remove unwanted body hair, many beauty experts choose to recommend laser hair removal. Because the procedure destroys the hair follicles and guarantees longer-lasting and smoother results. Both lasers and IPL devices accomplish the same goal: to find pigmented areas, that is, dark hair, and use heat to destroy the follicles." IPL stands for 'Intense Pulsed Light' and uses broad-spectrum visible light, and laser hair removal devices (including specialty and a few household devices) emit a laser that corresponds to a single wavelength of light.

Lescolton is one of the most searched home laser hair removal devices on the Internet. Since home laser hair removal entered the skin care field many years ago, Lescolton has been focusing on the research of laser hair removal and has passed FDA certification. The products are widely used on the upper lip and chin. , the whole body, and even the bikini area the device is used and sold all over the world. Lescolton prides itself on using the same "hair removal techniques" as professional beauty centers. Product for hard-to-reach contours such as the bikini area. Some users agree that the device is painless or almost painless, but you should keep in mind that everyone tolerates pain differently. It even offers a cool mode that helps you stay safe from the harshness of the flash.laser hair removal

What to look for when choosing the best at-home laser hair removal device

What accessories are included? If you're only going to do small areas or your face, it's not that important, but if you want to use both small and large areas, you want to make sure you have multiple heads, otherwise, it might take a long time to do larger areas, Such as legs.

How many pulses it will last? Generally speaking, the more the merrier. If you're trying to target a larger area, it might take a lot of pulses, so be sure to look at battery life before you start.

What skin tone will it suit best? Products that are suitable for multiple skin types may be a better choice, as sometimes you may not realize if there is a slight change in the color of your skin when exposed to the sun.

security features. Many of the devices above have sensors that won't flicker if your skin tone is too dark or if the device isn't properly attached to your skin -- a nice feature to look for. Additionally, IPL is a broad-spectrum light, meaning it contains a range of wavelengths, which may include UV wavelengths that can damage the skin. Most IPL devices have a filter to block UV rays, but be sure to double-check it.

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Difference Between Laser and IPL

The main differentiating factor between laser and IPL is the light source. You can think of it this way: the laser is more concentrated in a direct beam, like a laser pointer, while the IPL is a broader bright flash. IPL uses broad-spectrum visible light, may require multiple treatments for best results, and has been shown to be possibly less effective than lasers, it is not suitable for light or red hair, and in general, is not recommended for every skin tone, including dark discolored or tanned skin. Laser hair removal uses laser light of a single wavelength, as opposed to broad-spectrum light. Lasers are suitable for all skin tones, especially darker ones, and thanks to the built-in integrated cooling system, professional treatments are less painful for most. Professional laser treatments target larger areas faster and achieve better results. Although they operate differently, both laser and IPL use heat to destroy hair follicles. Over time, they can significantly reduce existing hair and future hair growth.



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