Many people want to go out with a beautiful hairstyle every day, but as long as anyone who has messed up their hair knows, they must have tried this experience: the hairstyle that was spent a lot of money in the barber shop will be flattened within a few days after returning home. Back to the original shape, because of perm and dyeing, the hair quality will deteriorate a little bit every day in the future... So I can only do it by myself. However, holding the curling comb in one hand and the hair dryer in the other hand, it is not only difficult to operate , and it doesn't work at all!

If you blow your hair by yourself, it is easy to blow the hair for too long due to uncoordinated hands. Not only will your arms be sore, but the hair quality will also become poor, and it may become more and more frizzy.

But fortunately, there is a negative ion hair comb that combines blow drying and styling. It combines blow drying and combing. The negative ion design helps to smooth out frizz, and blowing hair becomes much easier in an instant. You can do it easily after washing your hair at home. modeling!

hair dryer

Because it is a combination of a hair dryer and a comb, you no longer need to hold a comb in one hand and a hair dryer in the other after washing your hair! While drying your hair, you can easily create a smooth, fluffy style, and it also has the effect of hair care and moisture lock.

This comb can be used on curly or straight hair, and can be styled while drying, making it perfect for styling your hair in the morning. In order to keep the hair from frizz, you can start blowing when the hair is wet, and then button it inward, the negative ions can make the frizzy hair smooth.

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For an inward-looking curl at the ends, curl your hair from the outside to the inside, leave to heat and set, then repeat a few times to intensify the effect.

This hair brush has a certain smoothing and straightening effect, and people with curly hair can use it. It will straighten the hair, but it will not completely straighten it. People with less hair volume and soft hair can use it on the top of the head and close to the hair roots, and it can blow out a natural and fluffy effect.

Because the negative ions can close the hair cuticles, after drying the hair, it will feel different from the ordinary hair dryer, it will not be so dry, soft and stylish! The most important thing is that it is very light and easy to use.

The point is that you can easily create a fluffy hairstyle at home, and it is not easy to tangle when you wake up the next day, and it is very easy to take care of!

In addition to the usual care, it is also very important to have good hair quality. Good hair quality can instantly improve your temperament by several degrees. So don't just go to the barber shop to get your hair done, it will really damage your hair. If the hair quality deteriorates, it can grow back later. If it causes hair loss, it will be very bad. And a good blow-drying comb can not only dry the hair, the key is that the hair is not frizzy after blowing, but very shiny.

Therefore, this hair brush can not only make hairstyles easily, but also make the hair quality better.

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