The laser emits a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment (color) in the hair. Over time, this destroys the hair follicle, making it impossible for the hair to grow back. While it takes about 8-12 treatments for a dermatologist to destroy the hair follicles, the hair will grow back finer and finer after each treatment.

laser hair removal

If you use an at-home laser for hair removal, you will need to use the device longer to see results. You also need to use it regularly to maintain results.

Fast facts: The following can help shed light on whether this is right for you:

It can be done for another 6 treatments, but laser hair removal is permanent, except for the female face.

Laser hair removal can be done safely on people of all skin tones, but people who have the procedure on people of color should have experience with laser hair removal on darker skin tones.

There is no downtime.

Men who suffer from frequent razor burn or ingrown hairs from shaving can permanently remove their beards with laser hair removal. Once you stop shaving, you won't be bothered by razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal is not suitable for blondes, whites, grays, or red hair because lasers are not effective on light-colored hair.

You will need to keep the treated area covered and out of direct sunlight until the skin heals.

If you have a tan, you must wait for the tan to fade completely before laser hair removal can be done safely.

Lescolton laser hair removal

How to get the best results: Your results will depend largely on the experience and knowledge of the person performing the procedure, so it is necessary to:

Ask an experienced doctor for laser hair removal. While laser hair removal may seem easy to perform, it can damage your skin if the person performing your treatment is inexperienced. Possible injuries include burns, blisters, infections, or dark spots.

Find out if this is a safe and effective option for you. A board-certified dermatologist can tell you if laser hair removal is a good candidate for you. Not everyone is.

Before using an at-home laser, consult your dermatologist. These home devices aren't for everyone. With so many home appliances to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.

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