While women have been curling their hair for centuries by wrapping it around some sort of round tool or roller, electric curlers have become the norm in the beauty industry. Whereas women used to head out in groups every morning with their hair wrapped in curlers and loosely covered with hats or scarves, today most women use curlers that are heated by electronic components, allowing them to completely clean their hair before heading out. Style your hair.

The convenience and ease of use offered by an electric curling iron, or "hot roller," is something millions of women have no shame in going out with these metal pieces or plastic rollers all over their heads. So why do curling irons seem to work so much better than their outdated counterparts? Simply put, the answer is heat.

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History of Curling Irons

Curling is the process of wrapping hair around a round tool, not just to curl the hair, but to soften the follicles and control frizz. The style in which women changed the look and feel of their hair to curly or wavy dates back to Egyptian times. Back then, as today, many women would wear wigs to change the look of their hair. By the 18th century, curly hair was a mainstay of the beauty industry, wigs were powdered, and by the 20th century, curling was as common as shampooing.

In ancient Rome, women often wore their hair in tight curls. Heat has been an integral part of hairstyling since ancient times when many women would use the heat of an oven to make their hair more frizzy. Even the modern curling iron, which is a heated rod used to wrap hair around and curl it, dates back to ancient Babylon and Greece.

  At that time, women would use a tool made of metal tongs that were actually heated over an open flame. Needless to say, the temperature of this appliance is difficult to control, so this style of curling is very dangerous. And modern curling irons have been improved to be safer and more effective than those of half a century ago.

How curlers work

Electric curlers, like manual curlers, are round rollers, usually made of plastic. They have a resistor inside to generate heat. Like many electronic appliances, circuit boards are made of non-conductive materials that hold electronic components such as capacitors and resistors that hold and manage charge. The heat transfer element used to conduct heat from the resistor to the cylindrical wall inside the crimp includes a heat sink, which is a heat transfer device. This surrounds the resistor and coincides with the inside surface of the curling iron. These electronic components carry the heat from the resistors to the outer walls of the curling iron. As the curlers heat up, the user wraps hair around each curler for a specified number of seconds or minutes (depending on the desired hairstyle).

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Curling irons work in much the same way, as they are heated by electronic elements that curl the hair wrapped around them, usually one section at a time. How tightly a section of hair can be curled usually depends on the size of the curling iron, with larger curling irons producing softer curls and smaller models producing tighter curls.

If you're a woman who likes to transform her straight hair into curly or wavy styles, then you're probably familiar with curling irons. While women have been choosing curling iron styles and trying various ways to achieve them for centuries, electrically heated curling irons have been the beauty industry standard for decades. Millions of women use curling irons with electronic components to curl their hair every day because the convenience of using them makes styling their hair easier.

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