Lescolton is proud to announce its participation in the Hair Brasil 2023 expo in São Paulo, Brazil. The expo is one of the largest hair and beauty events in the world and will bring together some of the most innovative and creative professionals from across the globe.


At Hair Brasil 2023, Lescolton will showcase its latest hair care, styling, coloring and more products and services. We are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with attendees from all over the world. Our team looks forward to meeting industry professionals to discuss current trends, best practices and new ideas for creating beautiful hairstyles.


The event is one of the largest and most important for hair professionals from all over the world. It provides an excellent opportunity for Lescolton to showcase its latest products and services, as well as network with other industry professionals.


At Hair Brasil 2023, Lescolton will have a booth where visitors can experience the company's cutting-edge technology, such as its innovative hair care products and styling tools. Additionally, attendees will be able to receive special discounts on products and services at the show. We look forward to seeing you all at this exciting event! It is also launching its new line of professional-grade hair products to the Brazilian market.


By participating in Hair Brasil 2023, Lescolton aims to expand its presence in South America and build strong relationships with clients from all over the world. The company looks forward to sharing its expertise with visitors at this prestigious event and providing them with an unforgettable experience.


As a leading hair and beauty brand in China, Lescolton will showcase its latest product line at Hair Brasil 2023, offer exclusive offers and discounts on its products, and provide expert advice on hair care and styling.


Lescolton is very much looking forward to this event as it will give us the opportunity to reach new clients in Brazil who may not have previously known our brand. Through this exhibition, we hope to expand our influence in the Brazilian market and build strong relationships with local customers.


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