Is the hair growth helmet useful for treating hair loss? First of all, we need to figure out the principle of the hair growth helmet.

Its principle is mainly to promote the scalp to absorb nutrients by emitting soft laser. After the laser acts on the skin of the head, it can stimulate the internal heat of the skin, expand blood vessels, and accelerate blood circulation in the scalp.


The result of this is to bring more nutrients to the hair. In addition, the soft laser can also kill germs, kill fungi hidden deep in the hair follicles, dredge the sebaceous glands, and reduce oil secretion. Soft laser can also penetrate into the hair follicles in the dermis of the scalp to increase the activity of the hair follicles. Soft laser has a stimulating effect on hair follicles, which can activate hair follicles and make the function of hair follicles more active.phototherapy hair brush


Even if there is no hair loss problem, you can wear a laser hair growth helmet to give your scalp a physical therapy. The laser hair growth helmet can prevent hair loss and relax the scalp.


Although the effect of the laser hair growth helmet is very good, it is only an auxiliary medical device and cannot replace the efficacy of drugs. If the hair follicles are closed and necrotic, then the laser hair growth helmet will have no effect.laser hair regrowth


Relying solely on a hair growth helmet for hair growth may not be ideal, and you need to take care of your hair carefully every day: the correct way to wash your hair is to pour the shampoo in the palm of your hand, make foam with water, and then wash your head with the foam. When cleaning, you only need to massage gently with your fingers, and then rinse the foam with clean water.


If the hair is oily, you can wash it again according to the above procedure. Rinse out shampoo completely before using conditioner. Note that the conditioner cannot be applied directly to the scalp, as the ingredients in the conditioner can irritate the scalp and cause damage. The scientific approach is to apply the conditioner on the ends of the hair, rub it gently and rinse it off.

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Hair is the representative of a person's overall image, so hair care is very important. The life pressure of contemporary young people is huge, so how to take good care of their hair, the product of laser hair growth instrument was born accordingly. So can the laser hair growth instrument save hair, and can it bring people a different feeling? Laser hair growth instrument can regenerate hair after scientific statistics. The premise is that you must use it persistently. Generally, patients who use it for a certain period of time will effectively relieve the symptoms of hair loss.


The soft laser of laser hair growth can penetrate the surface cells and reach the root of the hair follicle, which is rich in melanin, which can specifically absorb the soft laser energy of this wavelength. After absorbing energy, it can increase the blood supply of the entire hair follicle area, accelerate the synthesis of ATP, and activate the new development of hair follicles. Laser hair growth cap can accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp and promote metabolism. The low-power laser can increase the blood circulation of the forehead by 20-30%, and the top of the head by 40-60%. Therefore, the laser can help improve blood circulation, so that oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles to achieve the effect of preventing hair loss.hair loss treatments

Stimulate hair follicles, low-power laser can effectively stimulate hair follicles, improve the immunity of hair follicles, and activate 83% of hair follicles in hibernation state to active stage, so as to reduce hair loss and regenerate hair.

Is the hair growth helmet useful for treating hair loss? To sum up, to understand the principle of the product and how to use it, the hair growth helmet is useful for the treatment of hair loss.

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