How to make our hair growth fast?

The growth rate of hair is mainly determined by the functional activity of the hair matrix and hair papilla deep in the hair follicle. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your hair to grow fast:

First, ensure that the hair has sufficient nutritional supply, including various vitamins, trace elements, high-quality protein, etc., and does not have a partial eclipse.

Second, we must ensure a good mental and endocrine state. If you suffer from long-term stress, anxiety, or some endocrine diseases, it may affect the function of the hair follicles and hair matrix cells and affect their growth.

Third, pay attention to ensure sufficient blood supply and blood circulation of the scalp. You can do more scalp massage, tap to promote blood supply to the scalp, and sometimes you can use drugs to promote hair growth, such as minoxidil tincture and pepper tincture for external use All have the effect of stimulating the blood supply of the scalp and accelerating hair growth.

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Through research, it is found that if we want to maintain the healthy growth of our hair, it mainly depends on the function of hair follicles. Then we need to know about hair follicles.


  1. Can hair follicles be regenerated?


Under normal circumstances, hair follicles are generally not regenerated and can be improved through external methods to make hair follicles thicker. At the same time, in daily life, try not to eat greasy, spicy, or too sweet food, and also pay attention to keeping your mood comfortable and avoiding serious effects. This issue should be given enough attention. At the same time, we should also pay attention to proper exercise in our daily life. Once the hair follicles are damaged, there is no way to grow out on their own. It can only be improved by hair planting. The hair follicle tissues from other parts can be extracted, and these hair follicle tissues should be planted in the parts where the hair is scarce. After a period of time, there will be new hair growth, and it can also improve various symptoms such as baldness or receding hairline. Pay attention to local hygiene and cleaning after treatment, so as to avoid local contact with water.

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  1. What medicine can activate hair follicles


Topical application of minoxidil solution can stimulate hair follicles to grow hair, but this method is only suitable for people whose hair follicles have not completely atrophied and are necrotic. If the hair follicles have completely lost their activity, hair transplantation is required to re-grow hair. Including the most popular product on the market, the hair growth helmet has no effect on necrotic hair follicles, because the technology of this laser hair growth helmet adopts the scientifically proven effective low-intensity laser therapy (LLLT) in the 1960s, and its safety is very reliable. Their design is to inlay a lot of laser heads on a cap. The low-energy laser emitted by the laser head is irradiated on the hair follicles at close range, which can make the hair follicles undergo mitosis and promote the production of melanin, and make the capillaries on the scalp Relaxation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to cells, speeding up metabolism. This allows the scalp to grow hair. You can also take drugs for hair growth and nourishing blood under the guidance of a doctor to promote hair follicle hair growth. You can also cut ginger into thin slices and apply it to the hair-loss area to promote hair growth. In addition, you can eat more black sesame seeds, walnuts, black rice, and other foods, which can nourish hair and help hair growth. You can also eat more vitamin E foods to resist hair aging and promote cell division to make hair grow. At the same time, adjust your living habits, maintain a regular schedule, and avoid staying up late.

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