There are so many types of hair removal devices on the market that it can be confusing to choose a hair removal device. In fact, the two most important parameters of the hair removal instrument are energy and ice temperature sedation function (freezing point).


Since the principle of the hair removal device is to use light energy to destroy the hair follicles, if the energy is too low, basically no effect will be achieved. When comparing the selection of hair removal instruments horizontally, in theory, the higher the energy, the better the effect. Use fewer times to achieve the effect of hair removal.


But there is also a problem with too high energy, that is, the burning sensation is too strong. The higher the energy absorbed by the hair follicles, the higher the instantaneous temperature rise. It may be "painful" to use it, so you want to throw away the hair removal device after using it once. If you have sensitive skin, it will be easy to use. Redness, allergies, pimples.


Many laser hair removal devices on the market will have their own ice temperature sedation function, which is often called a "freezing point" hair removal device. The stronger the ice temperature sedation function of the hair removal device, the lower the temperature of the lamp head, the more it can limit the high temperature of the hair follicles to a narrow range, and the more comfortable it is to use. However, the freezing point technology of many hair removal devices is still at the stage of metal freezing point cooling, that is, only the metal ice sheet around the light outlet can be cooled. After a period of use, the skin under the light outlet will still feel hot.


Lescolton's sapphire has a different freezing point, and its entire bald head is an ice nod, so it can achieve the feeling of ice compressing at a low temperature of 10 degrees during the hair removal process. Therefore, with high energy and strong freezing point function, it can be regarded as a good hair removal device. This is effective and comfortable to use.

hair removal device


Of course, the hair removal device also has some other parameters, such as the design and area of the light outlet. The larger the light outlet, the smaller the edge, so it is not easy to miss every inch of the skin when used. Then there is the ease of use of the machine, whether the operation is easy to use, etc. After all, this is a portable hair removal device, not a brick.


After a comprehensive comparison, lescolton T011C is considered to be the ipl hair removal device with the most outstanding comprehensive performance. Its energy density reaches 19J/cm², which is above the mainstream of the market. The most important thing is that compared with the traditional non-theatre-level concave thermal head, the sapphire freezing point technology uses the flat ice head to keep the skin surface 10 degrees ice during hair removal, without causing thermal damage to the skin, and at the same time makes the lescolton and the traditional concave Compared with the hot bald hair removal device, there is no invalid contact surface, so it can be said that you can enjoy the experience of the theater-level hair removal device at the price of a household hair removal device.

IPL hair removal


The lescolton hair removal device is also equipped with anti-radiation sunglasses to prevent laser damage to the eyes. The hair scraper is used before using the hair removal device. It must be emphasized here that the hair removal device is not directly used on the hair, but the hair must be cleaned before using the hair removal device so that the hair removal device acts on the hair through the laser pulse. function on hair follicles.

Laser hair removal


Use a razor to shave off the hair before using the hair removal device (remember to shave wet, if you don't shave, the hair will absorb the energy of the hair removal device, and the effect will be compromised). After the machine is started, the temperature of the sapphire light-emitting head keeps dropping when it is not lighting, which means that the refrigeration system is always working. Sticking to the skin, the ice is cold and very comfortable.



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