LS D601 hair growth helmet (2)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (5)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (7)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (8)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (9)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (14)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (4)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (12)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (2)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (5)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (7)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (8)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (9)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (14)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (4)
LS D601 hair growth helmet (12)

LS-D601 hair growth helmet

The ls-d601 hair growth helmet uses 26 medical-grade lasers and 30 leds to address hair loss such as thinning and baldness. Fashionable,comfortable, easy to use, and approved by the fda. You can see obvious results and regrowth of hair about four months.

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Infrared laser helmet for hair loss and hair growth stimulation Lescolton LS-D601

Lescolton LS-D601 is an innovative device for restoring the hair follicle and stimulating the production of new hair. It combines high-tech low-level laser technology (LLLT) and infrared LED light energy, which in combination maximize the activation of hair follicle growth in the scalp and stimulates bone regeneration

Product advantages:
1. Infrared light therapy, penetrating deep into the scalp to awaken hair follicles.
2. 4 operating modes as needed and "memory" function for greater convenience.
3. Improves blood circulation and metabolism of hair follicles by stimulating hair growth.
4. Built-in intelligent infrared sensor lamp - the product stops working when not placed on the head.
5. Lightweight ergonomic design
6. Suitable for men and women

Product features:
1. Treatment of hair loss and bone thinning
2. Stimulates the growth of new hair and strengthens the hair follicle
3. Regenerates and repairs damaged hair
4. Balances sebum secretion and maintains scalp health
Usage time: 25 minutes, 2 times a week

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Lescolton Hair Growth System Pros

Produces Results Relatively Quickly After 3 to 6 Months

The main benefit to you from low level laser therapy is stopping hair loss. And that is exactly what the Lescolton Laser Helmet does.

Using the power of 26 medical grade lasers and 30 LED lights, the hair growth system from Lescolton is able to heat and awaken the scalp to activate dormant hair follicles. This helps keep existing hair and also promotes new healthy hair growth.

We tested the Lescolton for one entire year for our review. Our trial patient was already experiencing male pattern baldness.

During the test, we saw faint results after three months of consistent hair treatment. After six months, there was more visible healthy hair on their scalp. Finally, at the end of our testing period we saw best hair restoration results.

With only a fraction of the cost, laser caps like the Lescolton give professional hair loss treatments a run for their money!

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Ergonomic, Lightweight, and Comfortable Helmet Design

Typically, hi-tech devices are not comfy. They are stiff and heavy. However, the Lescolton laser hair cap was extremely comfortable for us.

Perfect for any sized head, the Lescolton is fitted with four foam pads on the inside. The foams make sure the laser hair cap sits evenly on your head and doesn’t cause any pain.

In addition to the design, we thought this laser hair growth device was lighter than we expected. Also, the device barely has any heavy metal and is made from plastic for a lightweight touch.

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hair growth for women

About lescolton:

Focus on hair follicle optical care technology

[13 Years of Precipitation of Lescolton] Shenzhen Lescolton Electric Co., Ltd Founded in 2012,  is a new high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on product technology R&D, manufacturing and international export trade Wholesale.Customized service like OEM, ODM is available,lescolton is looking forward to establish long-term win-win cooperation relationship with potential distributors around the world.

The company currently has three production bases, and the product range covers a variety of personal care , including IPL home hair removal device series, laser hair growth series, beauty salon series, personal care and body care series, etc. , special is in the research on hair follicle optical care technology has rich practice and exploration results, helping more people to really get rid of the life troubles caused by hair follicle problems.
As a powerful technology brand, Lescolton adheres to the mission of "exploring more cutting-edge personal care technology", focusing on the research and development of new product technologies, so that more people can regain their beauty and confidence. At the same time, keep in mind the enterprise spirit of "struggle-oriented, be brave in innovation, and dare to take responsibility", grasp the main contradictions, solve key problems, and provide consumers with better product experience.

To create a personal care future technology research institute

Lescolton has a top-notch research team in the industry. After ten years of exploration and precipitation, it has accumulated strong technological innovation and rich product development experience. Adhering to the belief of breakthrough research and development from 0-1, it has established itself from the core technology of the product. It has a strong competitive advantage and has obtained many domestic and international authoritative qualification certifications such as FDA, CFDA, 3C, CE, ROHS, and FCC.
In the field of hair care, transnational cooperation has been carried out, and a strong alliance with Japanese hair follicle optical research experts has proposed the product effect concept of addition-subtraction-multiplication-division, and developed [Facube³] optical hair-study helmet, [nano hair removal ] Optical freezing point hair removal instrument and other products, hope that every consumer will get a real and effective effect after experiencing Lescoton's products.

Won the brand power demonstration preferred brand

Lescolton has been selected as a preferred member unit in the personal care and beauty industry of the brand power demonstration project after qualification review and public opinion monitoring. The company information is entered into the brand power demonstration project database, and the brand image is displayed to the public on the national platform.

With sales network all over the world

Over the years, Lescolton's products have spread all over the country, and are sold on major international Internet platforms (including Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, ebay, wish, etc.), and its product footprints are all over North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. Help consumers solve many personal care troubles with assured quality, explore more advanced and effective technologies, and promote the development of China's personal care, beauty and body industry.
Lescolton always adheres to the tenet of "exploring cutting-edge personal care technology", takes products to create an ideal life as the goal, and uses technology to make everyone's life healthy, beautiful and confident.



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