Hair follicles are a kind of bag-like epithelium of epidermal cells, which usually belong to a sheath-like structure in the scalp. Tissues do not have the ability to regenerate. With age, the ability of hair follicles to absorb nutrients and grow hair will gradually weaken, which will lead to hair loss symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of the scalp at ordinary times. Hair follicles are non-renewable, once necrotic, they can no longer regenerate.


Do a good job of personal hygiene at ordinary times, and often use warm water and mild shampoo to clean the scalp, which can reduce the infection of the scalp tissue by microorganisms.


Many people only know that hair follicles grow hair. In fact, hair follicles have more important functions besides hair growth, that is: breathing, heat dissipation, and detoxification. Every pore in the body is a window for heat dissipation and detoxification. 80% of the heat in the brain must be discharged through the hair follicles. . Therefore, clogged hair follicles will directly affect our health, causing dizziness, headache, scalp numbness, memory loss, insomnia and dreaminess and other problems. Develop good living habits, regular scalp cleaning (scalp SPA) can keep hair follicles smooth and healthy.

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Why Protect Your Scalp Hair Follicles


On the surface of the human body, except the skin around the palms and soles and mucous membranes, other skins have long or short, thick or thin hairs, and the inner part of the skin has a hair follicle. Like many other organs in the human body, hair follicles are non-renewable. Since we humans were born, the number of hair follicles on our body has been determined, and the number of hair follicles will only decrease instead of increase in the future. According to statistics, we humans have about 4-5 million hair follicles, of which 1 million are on the head and about 100,000 are on the scalp. Each hair follicle is an individual hair production factory. Even if your hair falls out or breaks, it will not affect the hair growth mechanism. As long as the hair follicles are healthy, hair loss and broken hair are not a problem. However, if there is a problem with the hair follicle itself, the human body will not regenerate new hair follicles because of the death of the hair follicles, and the position of the necrotic hair follicles will not grow hair. Therefore, the root cause of many people's hair loss is mostly caused by the death of hair follicles. . To have healthy, thick and lustrous hair, we must fundamentally protect our hair follicles.

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What is a healthy hair follicle


Healthy hair follicles are swirl-shaped with no obvious buildup on the surface. The number of hairs in the hair follicles is maintained at 2-4, and the thickness of each hair is about the same, and there is no obvious particularly thin hair. Relatively speaking, unhealthy hair follicles will have oil or dandruff accumulation on the surface, and the hair follicles will be blocked, preventing healthy hair growth. Hair is noticeably softer and thinner. Over time, the hair follicles can shrink completely and become permanent hair loss. How to protect the scalp hair follicles There are many reasons that affect the health of hair follicles. Excessive scalp secretions, skin diseases, malnutrition, chemical potions, etc. will directly or indirectly affect the vitality of hair follicles. But cleaning hair follicles is definitely the top priority, without delay. Cleaning the hair follicles can remove the blockages inside the hair follicles, such as excess oil, residual chemicals, etc. At the same time, it can improve the acid-base balance and prevent further deterioration of the hair follicles. On this basis, some nutrients can be added to the hair follicles. 1. Massage the scalp frequently to ensure the nutritional supply of hair follicles. Some nutrients needed by the hair follicles are supplied by the capillaries of the scalp, and the capillaries of the scalp are very thin, with a diameter of less than 0.01mm. The blood flow is very slow, and it will be blocked if you don't pay attention. Regular massage of the scalp can promote the blood supply to the hair follicles and promote the regeneration of new hair. 2. Be careful not to expose the hair follicles directly to the sun. Summer is coming, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun are very strong in summer. The strong ultraviolet rays will directly irradiate our hair follicles, causing damage to the hair follicles. Therefore, in summer, it is recommended that you do not wear short hair or wear a hat when you go out. 3. Supplement sufficient nutrients to the scalp. Pay attention to a balanced diet every day, don’t be picky or partial, and don’t eat out often, because the food outside can’t be guaranteed to be clean and hygienic, and almost all the food outside has a lot of MSG seasonings. Eating too much will affect your health, and it’s hard not to lose your hair At the same time, we must pay attention to staying away from tobacco, because tobacco is the enemy of hair follicle health.

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How to maintain hair follicles?


For the maintenance of hair follicles, we must first pay attention to prevent irritating substances from spreading on the scalp. It is required that the shampoo you usually use should be more suitable for your hair. In addition, be careful not to wash your hair frequently for massage due to frequent sun exposure. Vitamins and amino acids can be supplemented. In addition, hair follicle nutrient solution should be used, which has a good maintenance effect on the scalp and hair follicles. Usually you can comb your hair more, massage your scalp more, eat a light diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and choose the shampoo that suits you. Develop a good work and rest routine and maintain adequate sleep. Participate in proper aerobic exercise to improve your immune system.

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